Social Images for PHP Packages

Serverless service that generates dynamic Open Graph images that you can embed in your <meta> tags.

For each keystroke, headless chromium is used to render an HTML page and take a screenshot of the result which gets cached.

See the image embedded in the tweet for a real use case.

What is an Open Graph Image?

Have you ever posted a hyperlink to Twitter, Facebook, or Slack and seen an image popup?
How did your social network know how to "unfurl" the URL and get an image?
The answer is in your <head>.

The Open Graph protocol says you can put a <meta> tag in the <head> of a webpage to define this image.

It looks like the following:

  <meta property="og:image" content="" />

Why use this service?

This service lets you generate beautiful looking social images for your PHP and Laravel packages. You have already put a lot of time and effort into your package, so why not make it look beautiful using this service.