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Figlet Creation

Create Figlets easily using this application created using PySimpleGUI.


Old-school Straight Pip

pip install psg-figlet

pip via python -m pip the python recommended way

If python is your command

python -m pip install psg-figlet

If python3 is your command

python3 -m pip install psg-figlet


To run the program and create your own Figlets type from your command prompt:


About – What is a Figlet?

A Figlet is a text based way to add large block text to your code or chats. There are a variety of “Fonts” available that you’ll find listed along the left side of the screen.


To use in your code

The easiest way to is make a multiline string in your code using triple quotes:

This is a multiline string
Line 2

You can simply paste your Figlet into one of these multiline comments. They work well at breaking up your code into chunks

88d8b.d8b. .d8888b. dP 88d888b. 
88'`88'`88 88'  `88 88 88'  `88 
88  88  88 88.  .88 88 88    88 
dP  dP  dP `88888P8 dP dP    dP

def main():
    x = 20


Licensed under an LGPL3 License

Designed and Written By

Mike from


Like the PySimpleGUI project, this project is currently licensed under an open-source license, the project itself is structured like a proprietary product. Pull Requests are not accepted.


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