Flappy Bird

Python Game Development - Create Flappy Bird with Pygame 2.0.1

Flappy Bird Update April (1.5.0)

Company:Every Developer


A Flappy Bird clone made using python-pygame

Programming language >>> [Python_3.9.1]
Game library ...... >>> [Pygame_2.0.1]


install Pygame :

pip install pygame

For Convert Python files to EXE files install :

pip install pyinstaller

  1. Install Python 3.9.0 (Reccomended <Python 3.9.1> or later) for Windows 10 from >>>
    here [*Note that Python 3.9.x cannot be used on Windows 7 or earlier]

  2. Install Python 3.7.0 (Reccomended <Python 3.8.0>)for Windows 7 or earlier from >>>

  3. Install PyGame 1.9.x (Reccomended Pygame 2.0.1 or later) from >>>
    here or *Pip install pygame in terminal

  1. Clone the repository:

    $ git clone https://github.com/Every-Developer/Flappy_Bird

    or download as zip and extract.

  2. In the root directory run

    $ pipenv install
    $ pipenv run python flappy.py

USEREEVENTS/Contrl = Use K_UP or Space key to play and Esc or Exit to Exit the game.

*Be sure to watch the video

Notable forks

The logic of the game is designed so that the bird is seemingly stationary and
the pipes move towards it. The distance between the pipes is always constant.

With any collision with pipes or playground you will lose.
Try to break your previous record every time!!!

Line by line of codes This game was written by [Mohammad Reza] himself

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If you enjoyed the game or wanted to comment, I will be happy to send it to the following address

*Thanks for your choise