Create image mosaics with python.


"Before and After Science" by Brian Eno "Scott 3" by Scott Walker
bna_science_mosaic scott3_mosaic


Clone this repository to your local machine with git, then install with

git clone https://github.com/shanedrabing/polyfoto.git
cd polyfoto
python setup.py install

Getting Started

Run the program with Python.

python polyfoto.py -f input.png -d sources -o output.png -n 16

Required arguments

  • -f : Input file name. This is the target to recreate.
  • -d : Input folder name. Contains images used to recreate the target.
  • -o : Output file name. Name of the rendered canvas.
  • -n : Number of rows. How many rows of images should be used in recreation?

Optional arguments

  • -p : Proportional center of construction. 0 being the top of the canvas, 1
    being the bottom.
  • -s : Rescaling factor. Normally 4x target size.
  • -t : Pixel height of thumbnails. Used for the math operations, 16px height
    by default.
  • -x : Output folder name for thumbnails. "tmp" by default.