cx_Freeze creates standalone executables from Python scripts, with the same performance, is cross-platform and should work on any platform that Python itself works on.

Highlights of Version 6.2 up to 6.7:

  • New ModuleFinder engine uses importlib.machinery
  • Refactored Freezer
  • New support for package metadata improving Module and new DitributionCache
  • Enhanced support for Python 3.8 and good support for Python 3.9
  • Inclusive support for MSYS2 and Anaconda
  • Improvements for multiprocessing
  • Optimizations in detection and distribution of libraries
  • Integrated to setuptools and importlib-metadata
  • New or improved hooks
  • Code modernization
  • Various bug fixes.


In a virtual environment, install by issuing the command:

pip install --upgrade cx_Freeze

To install beta versions:

pip install --upgrade cx_Freeze --pre

Please check the installation in documentation for requirements.