Created covid data pipeline using PySpark and MySQL that collected data stream from API and do some processing and store it into MYSQL database.

Tools used : PySpark , MySQL


  1. Fetch latest data from API using requests & pandas module of python.

  2. Apply some data processing and filtering to generate summarized information.

  3. Store that summarized information into database using MySQL.

To build above pipeline i had used pyspark


Before move to the execution part please read below sentences

  • Use correct connector and drivername while making connection with MySQL db if you are going to use different db then procedure may differ.

  • change login credentials (username & password) in covid-config.json.

  • Make sure that mentioned database and table is already created.

How to use

  1. clone Covid-datapipeline-using-pyspark-and-mysql repo.

  2. start MySQL server

  3. execute following command



command line output:


Database status after execution:



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