Creates Spotify playlists from Spinitron playlists.

Quick Start

You can use spin2spot as a command-line tool:

erik@ubuntu:~$ python -m spin2spot https://spinitron.com/WZBC/pl/50067/7DayWknd https://wkdu.org/playlist/32880
Created 2 playlists for user erikcdidriksen.

You can also use spin2spot in Python directly:

from spin2spot import build_client, create_playlist

client = build_client('username')
create_playlist(client, 'http://spinitron.com/radio/playlist.php?station=kwva&playlist=20955')


In order to use spin2spot, you must have the environment variables set up for spotipy as described in their documentation.

Command-line flags

spin2spot accepts URLs as positional arguments. It also takes two optional arguments:

  • -p or --public makes the new playlist public.
  • -u USERNAME or --user USERNAME specifies the Spotify username to use. If it is not provided, it will default to the contents of the SPIN2SPOT_USERNAME environment variable.