Creating an Audiobook (mp3 file) using a Ebook (epub) using BeautifulSoup and Google Text to Speech

Input examples

qual a pasta do seu arquivo ebook?

it has to have a last forward-slash (” \ “)

qual o nome do seu arquivo ebook (sem o .epub)?



I wrote this in 2020. This is one of my first python projects.
I’ve made improvements on it, but it isn’t my cleanest code.
Please be kind in the comments, I look forward to hearing some feedbacks ?

I was inspired by this youtube video
The Google Cloud Text 2 Speech library is not completely free, you have to create an account and give them your credit card number. But there is a free tier. If you process less characters than the tier’s minimun, you will not be charged.

I “created” a free ebook for you to try this code. It is a combination of samples of public domain books that I enjoy.


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