Cross Platform Application for Calculating Render Time.


This is a base application build on Windows Android and Linux.

All build is a debug mode.
This is a not production build only for testing.

Linux Ubuntu 20.04

mdsanima rt go-0 2 0-linux64-debug

Microsoft Windows 10

mdsanima rt go-0 2 0-windows64-debug

Samsung S7 Edge Android armeabi-v7a

mdsanimartgo-020-armeabi-v7a-debug_samsung_s7edge_splash mdsanimartgo-020-armeabi-v7a-debug_samsung_s7edge_main omdsanimartgo-020-armeabi-v7a-debug_samsung_s7edge_notification


Run this command in wsl-1 and PowerShell on the Windows 10:

python3.8 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

If kivy does not detect opengl add this code to

import os
os.environ['KIVY_GL_BACKEND'] = 'angle_sdl2'

Run standard-version

First run standard-version on wsl to generate
and bumping verion in and spec_windows_version.rc files:

standard-version --skip.commit --skip.tag

Only bump release as minor and check:

standard-version --skip.changelog --skip.commit --skip.tag --release-as minor --dry-run

Add bumping files and commiting:

git add . && git commit -m "chore(release): 0.1.0"

Create tag:

standard-version --skip.bump --skip.changelog --commit-all --sign

Build Windows .exe

Run on PowerShell in Windows:

cd J:\github-mdsanima-dev\mdsanima-rt-go

Build Linux

Run on shell in ubuntu_20_04 Virtual Box:

sudo su
cd /media/sf_mdsanima-rt-go
sudo python3.8 -m PyInstaller \
    --distpath /media/sf_mdsanima-rt-go/dist/linux \
    --workpath /media/sf_mdsanima-rt-go/.build \
    --onefile /media/sf_mdsanima-rt-go/spec_linux_onefile.spec

Build Android armeabi-v7a

Connect phone to pc and run on PowerShell this command:

cd C:\adb
.\adb.exe devices

If List of devices attached is empty run thic command:

.\adb.exe kill-server
.\adb.exe devices

Now shuld show devices

Run this on wsl to copy all files in to home directory:

cd /home/mdsanima/mdsanima-rt-go/
cp -r /mnt/j/github-mdsanima-dev/mdsanima-rt-go/* .

Build and deploy:

sudo buildozer -v android debug deploy run logcat

Copy .apk to dist folder:

cp dist/android/mdsanima.rt.go-0.1.0-armeabi-v7a-debug.apk \