• A Web app to Cross-Seed torrents in Deluge/qBittorrent/Transmission
  • based on CrossSeedAutoDL



  • Jackett
  • Deluge/qBittorrent/Transmission
  • Docker


docker run -d --name seedcross -p 8019:8019 ccf2012/seedcross:latest


  1. open http://<your-ip>:8019 in browser
  2. login with admin:admin


  • Start from Settings tab, fill the fields carefully:
  1. Download Client Setting:
  2. Type, Host, Port, Username, Password as usual, note the Host must be an IP address, not url.
  3. Jackett Setting:
  4. you should have started a proper configured Jackett server, thus you can get the Jackett Url and Jackett Api key,
  5. Trackers / Indexers in Jackett: the only optional field, leave it blank if you would seach all the trackers; when you want to search specific tracker, you should find the exact word between indexers/ and /results in the torznab feed URL in Jackett
  6. Flow Control Setting:
  7. Flow control: Count limit: every search query will lead load to the tracker server, limit this count as your feel safe, SeedCross will manage the search history and find the next un-searched torrent when you start cross next time.
  8. Flow control: Interval: time delay between 2 search query.
  9. After you fill the form, press Save Settings, if no error detected, it will redirect to the Start Cross page, otherwise there will be error message next to the field.

Start Crossing

  • press Start Cross button, seedcross will start to:

    1. load the torrents from the download client.
    2. parse the name to get the title,year,episode etc, with these keyword ask Jackett server to search torrents in your pre-configured trackers.
    3. check if there’s match by title and size.
    4. add the download link to the download client, in paused state.
    5. and Yes, if the configuration haven’t been set, it will redirect to the Settings page.
  • during the process, a progress panel will show up, with:

  • Total/Searched torrents in the download client

  • Flow-Limit/Searched of this session

  • Downloaded torrent in this session

  • a log message box showing the info/error messages of the process

    • note: the log message is for monitoring the process, it will lost when page refresh.
  • the process will stop when:

    • configuration error: download client / jackett,
    • reach the Flow limit count
    • or all torrents in the client has been searched.
    • the progress panel will disappear when page refreshed.

Search History

  • Torrents that has been searched will be recorded, they won’t bother the trackers for the next process.
  • but when you add new trackers you may want to redo the search, click the Clear Search History will delete all the records.


  • Scheduler to run the task periodically
  • Seperate tracker to search different media
  • Hardlink tweaks of file/folder to get more crossed.
  • Open to you Dai-lo’s suggestions.


  1. [email protected]
  2. CrossSeedAutoDL


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