Tsar Bot – Crypto Sentiment Bot

Tsar Bot is a Twitter Crypto Sentiment Bot that have ability to make a trade based on influencers tweets. This bot using a project called Nitter – an twitter like website as a source to scrape twitter without any limit. For decision making, this bot using Vader Lexicon via NLTK to rate tweets polarity.


1. Nitter Installation

This bot use Nitter version from this specific commit 25191f7 because it still have full time format rather than HH:MM format from latest version. Please follow installation instructions from the project github page here. If you dont want to run Nitter as service, you can simply run it with session manager like screen.
*Do not use public instances, you need to install by your self for time consistancy

2. Binance Api Installation

Official Binance python module have a bug on cancel order so you need to install the module from my fork repository.

git clone https://github.com/hilmiazizi/binance-futures-connector-python.git
cd binance-futures-connector-python
python3 setup.py install
cd ../ && rm -rf binan*

3. Bot Installation

Install required module:

pip3 install bs4 pytz vaderSentiment nltk colorama

Install Vader Lexicon:

import nltk


  • This bot only allow you to use default leverage and margin type on your account
  • This bot use Trailing Stop on take profit so it will take profit as high as it can as long as the coin keep pumping
  • This bot use ROE percentage on SL/TP setting, 50 mean the bot will take profit 50% ROE
  • Whitelist mean the bot will buy if the whitelisted users tweets a picture with less than 3 words, you can see 0xd0n tweets for reference
  • You can configure keywords on lib/Sentiment.py
  • Default trailing stop callback is 0.2%, you can change it on lib/MoneyMachine.py
  • You can set TP/SL to 0 if you dont want to have TP/SL
  • Dont forget to enable Futures while making API on binance
  • Please use Nitter version from specific commit that i have mentioned
  • Fill endpoint with Nitter url that you’ve deployed before


I’m not responsible for any loss from trade taken by this bot. Run this bot with caution

Get in touch & Donation

This is a free & open source program but you can show some support here:
BEP20 - 0xc7083befcde51fb2ab76f3a5d50f5ae27a4083bd

You can get in touch with me on twitter @monkasalami and @tsar_putin on telegram.


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