CSAW 2021 Writeups


Challenge Category Solved by
The Magic Modbus ics root2thrill
Lazy Leaks Forensics root2thrill
Poem Collection warm-up root2thrill
Turing warm-up root2thrill
Password Checker warm-up dancing.pickle
checker warm-up root2thrill
Weak Password misc root2thrill
Sonicgraphy Fallout Forensics root2thrill
a pain in the BAC(net) ics root2thrill
Alien Math pwn dancing.pickle
mic forensics dancing.pickle
Contact Us forensics dancing.pickle
warm-up root2thrill

stats Notes:

Overall we placed 211th of 1216 teams with 1+ points. We competed as a duo (myself and my friend M-Pepper) and we were strong on forensics and stego, but weak on web, reversing, and pwn. I felt like with more time we could have done better on a couple of the RSA problems. Infrastructure was a bit unstable at times, but we still learned a lot and are grateful to participate in CSAW 2021. Looking forward to next year!


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