cssOrganizer – organize a css file by grouping them into categories

Developer: Andrew Espindola

This python program was created to scan through a CSS file and produce a more organized CSS file by grouping related
CSS Properties within selectors. Created in my spare time for fun and my own utility. It takes in a style.css file and
creates a file called ‘organized-style.css. I created this project to help me organize my css files and wanted to share it.
There are a few rules and some drawbacks in this version, and this might be something I come back to update if I have some extra time.
Feel free to tweek, update, and share with me if you feel it could be useful to you too!

When using the file:

  1. File to be organized should be ‘style.css’ and in the same directory level as cssOrganizer when run

  2. Comments on the style.css can’t be on a seperate line within the selectors, they can be on right of a property, accounting on separate lines could be future update

  3. Curly braces must start on the same line as the css name, and end on a seperate line

  4. Doesn’t keep nested tabbed-in spacing (Such as media query spacing), could be a future update

  5. Properties can be regrouped manually in the sortOrder list, easier customization could be future update

         .example {
          background-color: teal; #Teal is my favorite color!

**Credit to csscomb.js on GitHub for the great list of all css properties!