Seamless Customer Support


An open-source web-application easily embeddable into customer’s service for seamless usability both for clients (people who ask the questions) and volunteers (people who answer questions)

For that purpose we provide

  • embeddable (via iframe) website
  • API for bots
  • semantical text parsing (to recognize already asked questions and show answers for them)

How to run

you need

  • python > 3.5
  • pip corresponding to your python version

Add telegram token

  • move to bot directory\

cd ./telegram_server

  • copy .env.tpl\

cp .env.tpl .env

  • add your token to .env file (Use any text editor)\

vim .env

  • go back to project root\

cd ..

Install python requirements

  • you may wish to use python virtual env
  • install dependencies via pip\

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run server

python ./

For developers

  • we provide script and ts.config to automate process of recompiling
  • if you write on js, be aware, script deletes content of ./flask_server/static/js


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