D-Analyst : High Performance Visualization Tool

D-Analyst is a high performance data visualization built with python and based on OpenGL. It allows to interactively visualize very large plot consisitng of up to millions of data in real time.

D-Analyst high-level interface is inspired by Matplotlib, Seaborns and Plotly. The low-level interface can be used to write complex interactive visualization GUIs with Qt that deal with large 2D/3D datasets.

This tools visualization potentials goes beyond plots. It is built to include textures, 3D meshes, shapes and graphs. It also allows you to write custom shaders for advanced uses.




For assistance in using this great visualization tool, send an email to the head of the development team at [email protected].


Pull request are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

For more information and guidelines on contributing check out CONTRIBUTING.md.

Code Of Conduct

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This project is Licensed under the terms of the MIT Liscense. For more information LICENSE.txt.

GitHub - Diachronic-Technologies/D-Analyst at pythonawesome.com
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