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You May Be Able to Own a Self-Driving Car After All
For years, automakers focused on using autonomous technology for “robotaxis,” akin to a shared Uber. A GM announcement this week shows that’s changing.

Join WIRED HQ at CES (Virtually)
We’re not in Las Vegas, but we’ve still got a packed day of conversations about the latest from one of the world’s biggest technology showcases.

Gaming Giant Unity Wants to Digitally Clone the World
The company is leveraging its technology to help clients make “digital twins”—virtual copies of real-life objects, environments, and even people.

Audio Technology Helps Blind People Follow Australian Open Tennis
At the Australian Open tennis tournament, new technology is translating the movement of the ball into sounds to help blind and low-vision fans follow the action.

Nvidia’s AI-powered scaling makes old games look better without a huge performance hit
Nvidia’s latest driver release includes its Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution technology, which uses downscaling and AI to improve sharpness in older games without having to give up much performance.

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