Darkflame Universe Account Manager

This is a quick and simple web application intended for account creation and management for a DLU instance created by Wincent.

Logo by BlasterBuilder.

Run and Install

  • Clone this repository
  • Install requirements.txt
  • Create credentials.py

# credentials.py

# Make sure this is a long random string
SECRET_KEY = 'long-random-string'

# Replace instances of <> with the database credentials
DB_URL = 'mysql+pymysql://<mysql-user>:<mysql-password>@<mysql-host>/<mysql-database>'
  • Create resources.py

# resources.py

# Path to the logo image to display on the application
LOGO = 'logo/logo.png'

# Path to the privacy policy users have to agree to
PRIVACY_POLICY = 'policy/Privacy Policy.pdf'

# Path to the terms of use users have to agree to
TERMS_OF_USE = 'policy/Terms of Use.pdf'
  • Run the application

# Run the python application, with a given port number
flask run --port 5000
# or simply
python app.py

Available Endpoints

There are several available endpoints that are useful to users.

  • /login: Login as an Admin and create CD keys.
  • /activate: Create a new account as a non-admin user. You will require a CD key (which is provided by the admin).


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