Data Visualizer for Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Quick Download:

Current Features

  • View Dynamically rendered Flow Maps and Checkpoints in a top-down view!
    • Now dynamically renders track data as well
  • View previous positions of racers via Trail mode, showing the racer's recent path
  • Interact with objects and change their position in-game from the tool window
  • Follow along with racers by clicking their icon in the right panel
  • Scale sprites in the window for ease of viewing
  • Top-down view sprites, mixed from custom and existing assets
  • SRM file uploading to load your favorite save data into the game with ease
  • Replay time trial ghosts as if it were running real-time!
    • Combined with Trails mode, you can see the racing line of your best records!


  1. Bizhawk 2.3 (
    • Run the prereq installer before installing if on Windows
    • MAKE SURE it's version 2.3
  2. [Recommended] 64-Bit Windows OS

If running from raw source code, make sure to use Python 3.6 (higher versions may not work properly), and run SETUP.bat


  1. Download BizHawk 2.3
  2. (If on Windows) Download and run the Bizhawk Prereq installer
  3. Install BizHawk
  4. Download BooView from link above and unzip

How to run

  1. Open BizHawk (EmuHawk.exe) and load a Super Mario Kart rom
    • Version should not matter
  2. In BizHawk, go to Config > Customize. Then at the bottom of that window, ensure that Lua+LuaInterface is selected. Then restart BizHawk.
  3. In BizHawk, go to Tools > Lua Console
  4. In the Lua Console, go to Script > Open Script
  5. Navigate to the downloaded folder, and click on LuaSide.lua
    • This should freeze the emulator for a few seconds, then resume after.
    • This will load the script into the console.
  6. Run BooView.bat
    • Wait a few seconds until the welcome message appears
    • If running from raw source, run python
  7. In the Lua Console, double click on the red square next to LuaSide

If the script is already loaded in the console, all you need to do is step 6 and 7.

Config Options

If you are having framerate issues, considering editting the options in the config.json file. A few issues come from the screen size for the rendered window, so you can adjust the window size and the amount of frame skipping. window_size will determine the size of the render window, and FRAME_SKIP will determine the amount of frames to wait between renders and polling the Lua script

Special Notes

Crashes and Errors

There seems to be a few random sparse errors from time to time. If you encounter an error, first restart the tool. If the error is persistent, feel free to contact me at [email protected], and I will try to fix it as soon as I can!

Sometimes the program will fail to run when starting. If this happens, just exit the program and restart it.

SMKWorkshop Discord

If you are interested in updates to this project, or Super Mario Kart in general, come join the
Super Mario Kart Workshop Discord!

MrL's Patreon:

This program is provided completely free of charge, at no cost to the user. However, it has been
brought to my attention that some people would like to donate in order to support me in my efforts
in making more -- as well as better -- tools for the community as a whole. If this applies to you,
donate via the link below. 10% of all proceeds earned through that donation link will go towards
the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, a charity devoted to the betterment of autistic and disabled


Special Thanks to
  • ScouB
  • Dirtbag
  • SmorBjorn
  • The SMK Workshop Community
  • and YOU!