⚡️ Pokéhandy – Pokémon Hand Simulator [WIP ?]

This application aims to simulate the hand of a Pokémon TCG player.
We want to help Pokémon TCG players to understand the distribution of cards
of their decks and to simulate starting hands + prizes + mulligans.

This is a work in progress and I’m currently streaming the development of
this tool every friday at 9 PM (??) on

To do list:

  • Convert deck fortmat from PCTGO to a processable list of information
  • Search card info through the Pokémon TCG API
  • Display cards (deck) in a grid
  • Build an object with card info from the API
  • Build a virtual deck
  • Build shuffling algorith (Fisher-Yates or similar)
  • Simulate hands + mulligans + prizes
  • Build useful visualizations


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