In this repository we want to collect names and words that get the “OG Name” badge
We want the community to be able to contribute to this project by creating issues or pull requests.

How to contribute

If you want to create a pull-request to add new names to the database,
please provide trusted source that the added names are relevant to our collection.

You can add or remove any names in all .txt files or create a new category if needed.
But before you commit your changes, please run the script to sort all names and to remove the invalid ones.

When do we accept a pull-request?

We do not want to decide which pull-request will be accepted and which not.
We want to let the community discuss and agree on the majority or on the best solution.
We will accept it after a while if there is nothing to discuss.

When will my changes apply?

We sync the database to LABYnet once a week. So it will take some time for the badges to update.