Binance DCA Script

In summary, this code is a Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) script. It will purchase a specified cryptocurrency set with your Binance account whenever you run it.

Config Variables

You will need to add the following config variables to your config.json file to run this project.

Parameter Type Description
keys object Your API keys gotten from Binance. See the Create API guide to learn how to get them.
keys.api string Your Binance API key
keys.secret string Your Binance SECRET key
coins object A key-value pair of coins the script should purchase and their allotted percentages of the total balance, e.g., "BTC": 20 means 20% of the total balance should be used to buy $BTC
amount number The total balance the script should spend on purchases, e.g., 1000 means the script should make all its purchases with $1000
fee number A percentage value to account for Binance trading fees, e.g., 0.15 means the script should purchase an additional 0.15% of the intended amount, so fees are deducted from the extras
testing boolean An indicator of whether to run the script in testing mode or not. The script will only use real money when the value is set to false

Keep your Binance API keys safe at all costs. Any third party can use them to operate your account.


Clone the project

git clone

Go to the project directory

cd binance-dca

Install dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

Start the script



script result

Binance trade history




For support, please send me a message on Twitter ~ @LordGhostX


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