Deep 3D Mask Volume for View Synthesis of Dynamic Scenes

Official PyTorch Implementation of paper “Deep 3D Mask Volume for View Synthesis of Dynamic Scenes”, ICCV 2021.

Kai-En Lin1, Lei Xiao2, Feng Liu2, Guowei Yang1, Ravi Ramamoorthi1

1University of California, San Diego, 2Facebook Reality Labs

Project Page | Paper | Supplementary Materials | Pretrained models | Dataset | Preprocessing script


Install required packages

Make sure you have up-to-date NVIDIA drivers supporting CUDA 11.1 (10.2 could work but need to change cudatoolkit package accordingly)


conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate video_viewsynth



  1. Download our pretrained checkpoint and testing data. Extract the content to [path_to_data_directory].
    It contains frames and background folders, as well as poses_bounds.npy.

  2. In configs, setup data path by changing render_video.txt

    root_dir should point to the frames folder mentioned in 1. and bg_dir should point to background folder.

    out_dir can be your desired output folder.

    ckpt_path should be the pretrained checkpoint path.

  3. Run python --config [config_file_path]

    e.g. python --config ../configs/render_video.txt

  • (Optional) For your own data, please run

    sh [frame_folder] [starting_frame] [ending_frame] [output_folder_name]

    Make sure your data is in this structure before running

    [frame_folder] --- cam00 --- 00000.jpg
                    |         |- 00001.jpg
                    |         ...
                    |- cam01
                    |- cam02
                    |- poses_bounds.npy

    e.g. sh ~/deep_3d_data/frames 0 20 qual


Train MPI

  1. Download RealEstate10K dataset and extract the frames. There are scripts in preprocessing folder which can be used to generate the data.

    The order should be -> ->

    Remember to change the path in

  2. Change the paths in config file train_realestate10k.txt

  3. Run

    cd train_mpi
    python --config ../configs/train_realestate10k.txt

Train Mask

Once MPI is trained, we can use the checkpoint to train 3D mask network.

  1. Download dataset

  2. Change the paths in config file train_mask.txt

  3. Run

    cd train_mask
    python --config ../configs/train_mask.txt


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