Program Features

? Instagram report V4.

? Coded with the latest version of Python.

? Has automatic scheduling.

? Full account report.

? Report a post from the account

? Stops automatically after each report.

?Delete the target post on Instagram.

? Delete Media Target post on Instagram

? Complete deletion of the target account on Instagram

? Has an automatic proxy

? Can be used on all platforms

? Can be used on Windows, Android, iPhone

? To use Android, install Thermox and use a VPN

? Easily delete any page on Instagram

? Note: The blue screen tick cannot be disabled with this tool.

? If the user really violates the Instagram instructions, he has a better chance of being banned.

? Instagram limits reports per unit of time, the tool automatically stops reporting after reaching a limit of about 30 reports.

? You can report the goal again after a while (after 2-3 minutes).

? Use the IP of the same area for high performance.

? Do not do this if you encounter an error while using the proxy.

See how it works V1 | V2 | V3 | V4

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