Depression Asisstant GDSC Challenge Solution

Depression Asisstant is software can help you give solution.

Developed by: Tech Futuristic Team GDSC Challenge Solution (Hars Sharma,Arunima Chatterjee,Ananda Rauf Maududi,and Mouna Aneddame) Developed date: 26 January 2022.

Result Face Emotion or Face Expression: Result Program



  • Python version 3.9.5, download at:
  • Text editor / IDE : Visual Studio Code, download at:
  • Plugin extension : Python, download at Visual Studio Code.
  • Library package deepface: tutorial deepface at:
  • How to install library?: open cmd, and then typing pip install name library.
  • Setting your env variable in path system and user: path/python395,path/python395/Lib, and path/python395/Lib/Scripts.

How to use?:

  • Open CMD, and then typing py or python


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