Face mask detector

This program was designed to detect whether someone is wearing a facemask through a live video stream. A custom lightweight CNN trained with TensorFlow on a public dataset provided by Kaggle is used to detect whether each face detected by the cv2 face detection dnn is wearing a mask

##To find the notebook used to traiin the model, visit: https://www.kaggle.com/reeganviljoen/face-mask-dtection##



  • Debain based distros(eg Ubuntu)
    1. Install python: sudo apt install python3/sudo apt-get install python3

    2. install pip(python package manager): sudo apt install python3-pip/sudo apt install python3-pip

    3. install opencv 2 : pip3 install opencv-python

    4. Install tensorflow : pip3 install tensorflow

    5. Install imutils: pip3 install imutils

    6. unzip the model:

      6.1. install unzip: sudo apt install unzip

      6.2. unzip the model: unzip mask_model\face_mask_model.zip


  1. Install python: Follow this link and the instructions that follow: https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.10.0/python-3.10.0-amd64.exe

  2. install opencv 2 : pip3 install opencv-python

  3. Install tensorflow : pip3 install tensorflow

  4. Install imutils: pip3 install imutils

  5. unzip mask_model\face_mask_model.zip

Running the program

Before running your program it is important to note that opencv indexes your camera id from 0 , and it may take a few attempts to find the right camera in a mutiple camera set up

Run the program:python3 main.py after running the program follow the prompts


Contributions to this project are welcomed and encouraged!

Important!: All contributors are xepcted to follow the code of conduct listed in the code_of_conduct.md file to prevent abuse when contributing to this project


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