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Developer-friendly incident response with brilliant Slack integration.

  • Collect and analyze alerts from multiple monitoring systems
  • On-call rotations based on schedules
  • Automatic escalations
  • Phone calls, SMS, Slack, Telegram notifications

Getting Started

We prepared multiple environments: production, developer and hobby:

  1. Download docker-compose.yaml:
curl -fsSL -o docker-compose.yml
  1. Set variables:
echo "DOMAIN=http://localhost:8080SECRET_KEY=my_random_secret_must_be_more_than_32_characters_longRABBITMQ_PASSWORD=rabbitmq_secret_pwMYSQL_PASSWORD=mysql_secret_pwCOMPOSE_PROFILES=with_grafana  # Remove this line if you want to use existing grafanaGRAFANA_USER=adminGRAFANA_PASSWORD=admin" > .env_hobby
  1. Launch services:
docker-compose --env-file .env_hobby -f docker-compose.yml up --build -d
  1. Issue one-time invite token:
docker-compose --env-file .env_hobby -f docker-compose.yml run engine python issue_invite_for_the_frontend --override
  1. Go to OnCall Plugin Configuration (or find OnCall plugin in configuration->plugins) and connect OnCall plugin with OnCall backend:
Invite token: ^^^ from the previous step.OnCall backend URL: http://engine:8080Grafana Url: http://grafana:3000
  1. Enjoy! Check our OSS docs if you want to set up Slack, Telegram, Twilio or SMS/calls through Grafana Cloud.

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