Chatbot Deployment with Flask and JavaScript

Chatbot DeZ with Flask and JavaScript.

This gives 2 deployment options:

  • Deploy within Flask app with jinja2 template
  • Serve only the Flask prediction API. The used html and javascript files can be included in any Frontend application (with only a slight modification) and can run completely separate from the Flask App then.

Initial Setup:

This repo currently contains the starter files.

Clone repo and create a virtual environment

$ git clone
$ cd DeZ
$ conda create --name DeZ
$ conda activate DeZ

Install dependencies

$ (DeZ) conda install Flask torch torchvision nltk

Install nltk package

Modify intents.json with different intents and responses for your Chatbot


$ (Dez) python

This will dump data.pth file. And then run
the following command to test it in the console.

$ (Dez) python


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