Differentiable Annealed Importance Sampling (DAIS)

This repository contains the code to reproduce the DAIS results from the paper Differentiable Annealed Importance Sampling and the Perils of Gradient Noise.

Bayesian Linear Regression

Please first install JAX (https://github.com/google/jax), then reproduce our results by running the following:

python blr/dais.py --gamma 0.0
python blr/dais.py --gamma 0.9
python blr.dais.py --bsize 100

Variational Autoencoder

Please first install PyTorch (https://pytorch.org/).

For training, one example command for DAIS with $K = 10$ and $S = 5$ (to adapt annealing scheme, add --adapt_beta):

python vae/mnist_train.py --lf_step 10 --n_particles 5 --lf_lrate 0.08

After training, you can find the saved checkpoint and evaluate it (e.g., using AIS):

python vae/mnist_eval.py --ais --n_particles 10 --lf_step 10000 --lf_lrate 0.05 --resume xxx

Also, you can reproduce the evaulation results of AIS/HAIS/DAIS by runing vae/mnist_eval_scaling.py:

python vae/mnist_eval_scaling.py --linear_beta --lf_lrate 0.08 --n_particles 10 --resume xxx


To cite this work, please use

	title={Differentiable Annealed Importance Sampling and the Perils of Gradient Noise},
	author={Guodong Zhang and Kyle Hsu and Jianing Li and Chelsea Finn and Roger Baker Grosse},
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