Genshin Inpact Wish Simulation Discord Bot

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  • Discord embed reaction menu for wishes
  • Simple code scaling for any additional banners
  • Fully accurate wish pity emulating the game
  • MongoDB for user data

Installation & Setup

Python Packages: 

Environment Variables:

BOT_TOKEN = "Discord Bot Token."
MONGODB_URL = "MongoDB access link"

Adding Banners

To add new banners or custom banners, create an extension of the EventBanner class as a single script within the event_banners directory. The class should look similar to this:

class BannerName(EventBanner):
  def __init__(self):
    super().__init() # This is required for establishing the mongoDB connection and embed initialization
    self.banner_name = "" # Name of the banner displayed in the embed summary
    self.event_hero = "" # Name of the featured banner hero
    self.five_star_pool = [] # List of names for the other potential 5 star outcomes
    self.rate_up_four_star_pool = [] # List of names of 4 star outcomes that have their odds increased (cumulative 50%)
    self.four_star_pool = [] # List of names for the other potential 4 star outcomes
    self.three_star_pool = [] # List of three star outcomes
    self.banner_image = "" # Url for the banner image
    # Introductory Embed
    embed = Embed(title=self.banner_name, description=f"Featured Characters: **{self.event_hero}**, {', '.join(self.rate_up_four_star_pool)}", color=0x2aec27)
    embed.set_footer(text="Gacha Bot by Over#6203. Use the reactions to navigate the menus.")
    # Adds the embed to the output embed list

Link this class to the __init__ for the package (event_banners). To add the banner to the user callable list, add the banner to the dictionary within the __init__ of the banners package. This should be in the format of:

"User Call": BannerClassName


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