Discord Bulk Image Sending Bot

Send bulk images to Discord channel.

This is a bot script that will allow you to send multiple images to Discord channel avoiding the 10 media per time limitation + Bypass for file size limitation.


  • Python 3.9
  • Discord.py (pip install discord)
  • Discord bot with the following permissions:
  • Send Messages.
  • Send Messages in Threads.
  • Send TTS Messages.
  • Embed Links (In case you need to send a link as a footer.).
  • Attach Files.
  • Use Slash Commands.


  • Bypass Discord limitation of 10 media files per Message.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Doesn’t try to send files bigger than Discord Limitations (10mb).
  • Unlimited File Count.
  • No need for cloud host, works on your machine, open source, no chance for token steal.
  • PREFIX – !dib


DIB requires Python 3.9 to run.

Install the dependencies via Python Console / Linux Terminal.

Run using: cd DiscordBulkImageBot python3 main.py

pip install discord
pip install os #Just in case you are missing the package for some reason.


Footer # OPTIONAL #:

link = ''         #OPTIONAL: You can add anything to be send to the channel after the images are done sending, EG Invite link, socials, etc.

Path to Folder # REQUIRED #:

path = ''          #REQUIRED: Add directory to your image folders path on your local machine.


TOKEN = ''      #Bot Token goes here. See Discord Developer Portal for more info.

Log in Console # OPTIONAL #:

#print(f'{username}: {user_message} ({channel})')    #Uncomment if you want the bot to log all messages in the console.

Infinite Loop Protection # REQUIRED #:

if message.author == client.user:                   #Avoid infinite loop. DO NOT REMOVE.

Size Limiter # REQUIRED #:

<div class="highlight highlight-source-shell position-relative overflow-auto" data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content="if os.path.getsize(path + filename) 10mb, it gets skipped and logged in Console due to Discord limitations.”>

if os.path.getsize(path + filename) < 10000000:       #If file is >10mb, it gets skipped and logged in Console due to Discord limitations.