Discord bot that fetches and monitors cryptocurrency prices utilizing CoinGeko API. For any help message fatal#9999 on discord.


Python modules needed: discord, asyncio, time, os, pycoingecko, dotenv

pip install discord asyncio time os pycoingecko dotenv

First you will need to create a free Discord server.

Next, create a new application on the Discord developer portal by clicking the button in the top right corner at

Discord bot name

Click into the Bot menu item. You can name your bot and give it an avatar, but the only requirement is that you copy the Bot token:

Discord token copy

You will need to change the .env file to your own bot token you copied, for example:


Click into the OAuth2 menu item. Give your application the bot scope:

Discord scope

Then, scroll down to the next section and give your bot the following permissions under Bot Permissions:

Discord permissions

Copy and paste the generated OAuth URL below into your browser to add the newly created bot to your server. In order for the script to run remember to edit the .env file to your own bot token!

Run Locally



This app can be easily deployed to Heroku for free to run the bot 24/7. Here is an in depth YouTube video on doing so:


Your discord server should look like this once its up and running:
Discord init

This bot utilizes the full name of the token listed on CoinGecko. Use ethereum instead of eth.

To check the price of a token in any text channel visible to LumiBot,use the $ prefix:


Discord response

To monitor the price of the token and have the bot status update every 10 seconds with a new price, use the ? prefix as follows:


Discord watching

To monitor another token, you must first use the ?reset command:

Discord reset


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