YouTube Bot


  • YouTube Bot is a discord bot where you can search for anything on YouTube, it will automatically find the first result, the channel and a lot more info about it then format it into an embed, and if you would like there is a dropdown menu where you can make the bot send you an ephemeral message with the video as an embed to watch.



Enable YouTube API

Adding Your Info

  • Get your previously mentioned “Discord Bot Token” and replace the “bottokenhere” with your discord bot token.
  • Found here'tokenhere')
  • Replace the “googleapikeyhere” found on line 18 with your Google API key

api_service_name = "youtube"
api_version = "v3"
DEVELOPER_KEY = 'googleapikeyhere'
  • Now pip install all the modules and you are ready to run your bot!
  • You can also host this bot



  • To customize your bots status edit the information on line 13
    await cmd.change_presence(activity=discord.Activity(name='?????', type=5))
  • Name is the text that shows up in the status
  • The type is what it says before that, e.g. “Streaming”, “Listening to” or in this case “Competing in”
  • Here are some types you can set it as:
ID Name Format Example
0 Game Playing {name} “Playing Rocket League”
1 Streaming Streaming {details} “Streaming Rocket League”
2 Listening Listening to {name} “Listening to Spotify”
3 Watching Watching {name} “Watching YouTube Together”
4 Custom {emoji} {name} “? I am cool”
5 Competing Competing in {name} “Competing in Arena World Champions”

Search Info

  • You can customize the search settings by editing the info found in lines 62-68

    request =


  • and of course you can customize the embed and drop down menu

How It Works


  • How do I avoid maxing out my quota on Googles API?

You should add a cooldown to the bots commands, and if you are using this bot in a lot of servers I would recommend making more Google projects, getting the API keys from those, then using code that will randomly pick from 1 of up to 15 API keys in a text file.

  • How can I host this bot without paying?

I would recommend EC2 on AWS for free hosting, you can research how to use that, I am not typing out a tutorial because I am not in the mood to write a 30 page essay.

  • Why did you waste so much time on the

shut up.


To reach me if you have any issues, or need help my discord is: Rice#0404.


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