Discord bot created by dpshark#3004 for fun

List of features/commands:

[keyword] responses tools

!add [respons]
Adds new response to [keyword]

!remove [number]
Removes response to [keyword]

Lists all responses to [keyword]

Number of messages

!count [@user(optional)]
Sends number of messages sendt by @user, or yourself

Sends total number of messages sendt

Sends list of number of messages per user

Sends piechart of % messages sendt by each user

Number of words

!wordCount [@user(optional)]
Sends number of words sendt by @user, or yourself

Sends total number of words sendt

Sends list of number of words per user

Sends piechart of % words sendt by each user


!art” [word]
Sends ascii art of [word]

Its late, tell your friends to go to sleep

!send [@user] [words]
To impersonate a [@user], and send [word] from said [@user]

To roll a die with [number] sides

List of commands

Flexes github link

Also responds to some small things

Responds to any message containing [keyword] (currently weed, will be changed later to something more serious + be able to add keyword by commands in discord)
Reacts to any pings
Reacts to message with angryping emoji
Typing indicator for long(or not so long) process time for commands
Dumb jokes like:
“this is fine”, “pog”, “!thonk”, “!ping”

Goal of bot:

Read messages sendt by users, and send response + some other things


Move everything to slash commands ?
Database with list of response
-Dont count images as words sendt
-Add general purpose use, non weed response(not very serious)
-Use serverid as a key for custom responses per server
-Structure database for general purpose
-Check if user is mod for add/remove
-fix for longer list of responses
–Downloadable .txt file?
–Message to user asked(nondownloadable)?
-Add new keywords
-Add new list of responses to keyword
-send ascii art
–fix length(longer than x does not fit)
-send dm’s
-play music
-add list of commands(“!help”)
-Bot starts typing whenever someone is typing?
-Add description to bot
-Send discord nitro emojies for users
-clean up main, comments
-delete message whenever someone talks bad about bot(adds flavor)
-add error messages?


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