A exploit I found in discord. Working as of now.


The program simply detects when discord is sending a get request for a preview of the website based off the ip address and will send a fake image.
But when a actual user clicks the link it will detect that and send a malicious file instead causing the file to be downloaded. But in no way does the program actually execute the executable. This simply a showcase for the exploit and not very practical for actual hacking.


The “YourImageLink” needs to be replaced with a link to a image example: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/924433694133993482/938260977164632094/s.png. While the “MaliciousFIleDownloadLink” needs to be replaced with a download link to the file. example:
Whenever someone clicks the image and hits “Open Origanal”, right clicks the image and presses open link, or just click the image with their middle mouse button the file malicious file will download. Although it won’t execute as I said before
If you want to host your website globally i’d recommend using replit (https://replit.com)


Although the hacking community in general are pretty chill nice people there are a lot of bad actors on discord who sell fake things to try and scam people interested in hacking. People will sell things like fake “One Click” exploits for 50 dollars. Don’t fall victim to these please. I came up with the project idea after seeing tons of fake “One Click Image Loggers” being sold. Unless someone can prove me wrong pretty sure this is the closest we’ll get to a image logger on discord


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