Discord MultiTool-PY

By Shahzain

  • This project was inspired by DMDGO by Vanshaj https://github.com/V4NSH4J/discord-mass-DM-GO
  • About

    Discord Multi Tool-PY is a multi-threaded Discord Self Bot and it is used for many features such as the token joiner and MassDM


  • Proxyless/HTTP Proxy Support
  • Token Joiner
  • Token Bio Changer
  • Token Username Changer
  • Token Format Changer [Email:Pass:Token] => [Token]
  • MassDM
  • Single DM Spam
  • Server Joiner(Captcha support)
  • Server Leaver
  • Member Scrapper
  • Reaction adder
  • Username Scrapper(Soon)
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Server spammer(Has MassMention)
  • Token Checker
  • This can send multiple messages and this can ping the user aswell which is pretty cool if you ask me
  • Auto Update, This will automatically install all the newest updates so you dont have to download them manually ?
  • Config

    Name Type Description
    removeDeadTokens bool After checking MultiTool will remove all non-working tokens from input/tokens.txt
    captcha_api str The url of the captcha api you are gonna use to bypass captcha on join, capmonster.cloud and anti-captcha.com are currently supported.
    captcha_key str Your api key for captcha_api.
    useDelays bool If you want to use delays to avoid being rate limited and detected.
    save_failed_logs bool Saves failed logs to logs/logtype.txt
    bypass_membership_screening bool Set this to true if you want to bypass membership screening upon joining server. Setting this to true is recommended.
    bypass_reaction_verification bool Set this to true if your target server has a reaction verification.
    proxyless bool If you want to use the tool without proxies.
    proxyProtocol str Your proxy protocol, by default its http
    sendMultitpleMessages bool Set this to true if you want to send multiple messages to the target user

    Example Configuration

        "removeDeadTokens": true,
        "captcha_api": "anti-captcha.com",
        "captcha_key": "your capkey",
        "useDelays": true,
        "save_failed_logs": false,
        "bypass_membership_screening": true,
        "bypass_reaction_verification": false,
        "proxyless": false,
        "proxyProtocol": "http",
        "sendMultitpleMessages": false

    Need Help?

    Join our guilded server for help: https://www.guilded.gg/i/EAJz3WY2

    How to use?

    Install all the requirements

    pip install -r requirements.txt

    Fill in the config.json file and message.json file
    And run the main.py file

    python main.py


    Shahzain345 will not be responsible for any damage caused by this script.
    If you see anyone selling this tool report it to me asap!

    Thank You!


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