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Love ❌ code ✅

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  • Slash Commands!
  • Many malicious commands
  • Buttons and Dropdowns/selection menus
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Up-to-date version of


> kill
kills all inactive sessions

> exit
stop the program on victims pc

> info
gather info about the user

> startkeylogger
start a key logger on their pc

> stopkeylogger
stop the key logger

> KeyLogDump
dumb the keylogs

> tokens
get all their discord tokens

> windowstart
start the window logger

> windowstop
stop window logger

> webcam
takes a video of their webcam

> screenshot
take a screenshot

> MaxVolume
set their sound to max

> MuteVolume
set their sound to 0

> Wallpaper
Change their wallpaper

> Shell
run shell commands on their pc

> Write
Make the user type what ever you want

> Clipboard
get their current clipboard

> AdminCheck
check if DiscordRAT has admin perms

> IdleTime
check for how long your victim has been idle for

> BlockInput
Blocks user's keyboard and mouse

> UnblockInput
UnBlocks user's keyboard and mouse

> MsgBox
make a messagebox popup on their screen with a custom message

?・Setting up the RAT

  1. Start off by ofc installing python
  2. Download the code now and open a cmd in the directory and type pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Now time to get the bot token, follow this guide here on how to do that
  4. Go into
    • go to where it says token = 'BOT_TOKE_HERE' (line 35)
      • Replace BOT_TOKE_HERE with your bot token that you got from the developer page
        • go to where it says g = [GUILD_ID_HERE] (line 36)
          • Replace GUILD_ID_HERE with the id of your server that you want the bot to be in (server id?)
  5. Now your ready to invite your bot to your server, simply follow this guide
  6. When your done with all of that, simply open build-exe.bat and enter a name for the exe and now your done!


Although this discord rat was created by me (Rdimo#6969) the original is and credits goes to him and his discord rat. His is quite old and uses message event to execute his commands so thought I would do slash commands and added/improved/removed some commands aswell. Additionally some code for the commands belong to him

⚠️・this Discord rat was made for educational purposes・⚠️
By using DiscordRAT, you agree that you hold responsibility and accountability of any consequences caused by your actions


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