Discord Rich Presence application for PlayStation 3 written in Python.


  • Automatically find PS3 IP address (slow)
  • Display name and individual game cover of currently open PS3 game
  • Display PS3 temperature and fan speed
  • Display name and a single cover for currently open PS2 and PS1 game


New layout

No gamePS3 gamePS2 gamePS1 game



  • PS3 with webmanMOD installed (program is written working with v1.47.35)
  • PS3 and PC on the same network/internet connection


A compiled .exe file is provided for use on the windows platform. Full discretion: This file is flagged as a virus on my computer, i do not know what causes the file to be flagged.

Alternatively the file can be put into your favourite python IDE and ran from there. (Note the required external dependencies listed at the bottom of this readme file)

General instructions

On program start, user will be prompted for how the program should get the PS3's ip address

If manual is chosen, user can enter PS3's IP address.

If automatic is chosen, program will find the PS3's IP address.
Each IP address will be tested for 20 seconds, if your PS3 has an IP address of, it will take approx 1.1 hours to complete, due to this it is recommended to manually enter the IP.

  • NOTE: Due to the way webman works when running PS2 games, the program will not update the RPC, it will instead "freeze" (This function has not been tested and will likely have bugs)

the "implementedImage.txt" file is not required, however without it any PS3 game that does not currently have art assets will display no image at all, please place this file in the same directory as the .py/.exe file you are running the program from

Without .txt fileWith .txt file

Contact me

if you have any PS3 games you wish to have cover art implemented into the program, or any other enquiries for that matter, please contact me via discord: "zorua98741#0023". Please message me the output next to "validate():" as that will be the name of the art asset added.

Remote Python packages required

  • urllib3
  • BeautifulSoup4
  • PyPresence
  • requests


  • implement ability to change time between updates to RPC (currently set to 35 seconds)
  • implement more PS3 game covers
  • implement GUI to replace CLI


GitHub - zorua98741/PS3-Rich-Presence-for-Discord: Rich presence app for playstation 3
Rich presence app for playstation 3. Contribute to zorua98741/PS3-Rich-Presence-for-Discord development by creating an account on GitHub.