First Working discord joiner tool which solves the captcha if a token gets it

How to Use

  1. Input your tokens
  2. Input your proxies
  3. configure config.json. leave the apikey blank if you’re not looking to solve
  4. Run the file via “python”
  5. Input your server invite code, this is what is after
  6. Input The amount of threads (The higher the faster)
  7. Then you’re done, your tokens should Start Joining the dedicated server


  • Discord – clipssender#2920
  • Telegram – @Clipssender31
  • Server –
  • If you come across any problems, just create an issue with the problem and I’ll try to get it fixed ASAP


  • Server Spammer
  • Server Leaver
  • Token Onliner
  • Make it faster
  • Make The requests even more real. Even lower chance of getting captcha
  • Username Changer
  • Server Scraper
  • Bio Changer

Please Star or fork to help me out and recieve regular updates


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