discord vc exploit to lag vcs

how to use

open the py file, then open devtools on discord, go to network and join a vc, dont start watching a screenshare but you should see a request called ?v=5


(reason you should watch a screenshare is it makes 2 and it can confuse) click on it and copy the websocket (request) url


then paste it into the console, DONT CLOSE DEVTOOLS, then enter then paste in the server id then YOUR user id then get a randdom id of someone in the vc and pop it in if you listened and didnt close devtools, go to messages at the top


then scroll up and select one with opcode 0 expand it like this and copy the session id and token


pop both in and click enter, if you are disconnecting and reconnecting that means its working, the vc should be lagging OR people wont be able to hear eachother and should be reconnecting/rtc connecting.

also works in stage discovery and that shit and works better in big vcs

i used this to fuck rythm vc on the like last listen event or something

this is kinda like ilinkeds exploit if you look at how it works.

known issues or something

“module ‘websocket’ has no attribute ‘create_connection'”?

do py -m pip install websocket-client

or python -m pip install websocket-client

or python3 -m pip install websocket-client

or pip install websocket-client

whatever one works