Cutting-edge GitHub page customization tool

Want to customize your GitHub user page, but don’t know how? Now you can make your profile
unique and attractive by placing any greyscale image in stunning 52×7 resolution right on
your contributions timeline!


pip install git+


Generating commits from raster image

# basic run
gh-cal-image generate --image ./example/hello-world.png --max-commits-per-day 50

# with auto-push
gh-cal-image generate \
    --image ./example/hello-world.png \
    --max-commits-per-day 50 \
    --remote [email protected]:nj-vs-vh/my-dummy-repo.git

# full options list
gh-cal-image generate --help

Preview image

gh-cal-image preview \
    --image ./example/hello-world.png \
    --max-commits-per-day 30 \
    --output preview.png


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