“Casares News” API

Api that scrapes and provides the last news of the city of Carlos Casares by semantic way (RDF format).


Consume the articles by: https://casares-news.herokuapp.com/articles/

Indicate the file format using the content-type header. Supports JSON-LD, rdf/xml, turtle, n-triples and n3.

E.g.: Get the lastest 5 news in JSON-LD format

HEADER="Content-Type: application/ld+json" 

curl "$ARTICLES?start=0&offset=5" -H $HEADER

You can see other examples in the frontend app: https://pastorsin.github.io/casares-news/

Local execution



  1. Install dependencies and perform the initial migrations

make install
  1. Optional: Generate a private key for the webpush notifications

make webpush-gen
  1. Optional: Put the generated key in the .env file

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