Django SMTP Protocol with Gmail

This is the free service from gmail to send and receive emails.

What we need for this things done,

  1. Python/pip install in PC.
  2. A gmail address for sending email.

Configure the gmail,

  1. Go to the link using this gmail, []
  2. Turn this on.
  3. I don’t recommend that to turn this on in your personal Gmail, instead create a new gmail account for the project.

Run code in virtual environment

  1. Clone the project and open the folder in terminal and run — [pip install pipenv]
  2. Then active the environment — [pipenv shell]
  3. Install all the requirements — [pipenv install -r requirements.txt]
  4. Run the project — [python runserver]

Configure the file,

  1. Go to, the_project/
  2. Remove the comment from line 25 according to its upper instruction.
  3. Enter your email address and password in line 134, 135 according to the instructions. [This email will be use for sending emails]

Configure file,

  1. Go to, the_app/ file,
  2. Remove the [email protected] [line: 21] and Enter your gmail that you want to receive email.
  3. You can use multiple email there.



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