Docker container for demoing Wi-Fi calling stack.


docker-compose build
docker-compose up

Point RedirectVoWiFiTweak
to your computer’s IP address.

Install it on a jailbroken phone, enable Wi-Fi calling, and you should see a
VPN connection into the container.

There’s a ssh daemon on port 22222 for debugging: the password is
root:vowifi. It’s useful for using sshdump from Wireshark.

baresip, a popular command line SIP VoIP
app, is also preinstalled. If you ssh in, you can run:

ssh -p 22222 root@localhost
/uanew sip:+15554443333@localhost
/dial sip:+19085823275@localhost

to ring your connected phone (replace +1 908-582-3275 with its number).

be careful! do not expose the ssh daemon or the VPN to untrusted devices.


Currently the Kamailio config is set up for a Verizon SIM, with domain set to

For other providers, capture a SIP REGISTER from the phone (using rvictl on a
Mac), look at the domain, and edit app/kamailio-local.cfg.

For more info, see the blog post.


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