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Welcome to the GitHub Copilot user community!
In this repository, you can find documentation, walkthroughs, examples, and the latest resources you need to use GitHub Copilot.

Getting Started

For a tour of GitHub Copilot, visit the homepage at

If this is your first time using GitHub Copilot, check out the
Getting Started guide.

How to get help

Have a question, or want to provide feedback? Visit the Feedback forum
to ask questions, share bugs or feedback, or chat with other users in the Preview.
The GitHub Copilot team will respond as often as possible, but we also welcome you to
share your experiences and help others in the community.


We take safety seriously and are constantly working to improve GitHub Copilot. If you discover dangerous, biased,
or offensive output from GitHub Copilot, please report it privately to
[email protected].

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Code of conduct

All users of GitHub Copilot are expected to comply with our
Code of Conduct.
By participating in this repository, you are also agreeing to the same
Terms of Service that you agree to when using


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