Robotic Arm Simulation in ROS2 and Gazebo

General Overview

This repository includes: First, how to simulate a 6DoF Robotic Arm from scratch using GAZEBO and ROS2. Second, it provides a custom Reinforcement Learning Environment where you can test the Robotic Arm with your RL algorithms. Finally, we test the simulation and environment with a reacher target task, using RL and the 6DoF Robotic Arm with a visual target point.


Library Version (TESTED)
Ubuntu 20.04
ROS2 Foxy
ros2_control link
gazebo_ros2_control link

How to run this Repository

In the following links you can find a step-by-step instruction section to run this repository and simulate the robotic arm:

  • Simulation in Gazebo and ROS2 –> Tutorial-link

    • Configurate and spawn the robotic arm in Gazebo.
    • Move the robot with a simple position controller.
  • Custom RL Environment –> Tutorial-link

    • A complete Reinforcement Learning environment simulation.
  • Reacher task with RL –> Cooming soon

    • Robot reacher task.


If you use either the code, data or the step from the tutorial-blog in your paper or project, please kindly star this repo and cite our webpage


I want to thank Doosan Robotics for their repositories, and packages where they took part of this code.

Also, thanks to the authors of these repositories and their tutorials where I took some ideas


Please feel free to contact me or open an issue if you have questions or need additional explanations.

The released codes are only allowed for non-commercial use.


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