YouClip takes the video whose link you provided, downloads it and crops it in the timestamps given.

It uses a fancy GUI using HTML, CSS and Javascript, but don't expect too much; it was done in two days with me being a complete begginer in this GUI field. For the backend, python downloads and crops the video which connects with the Javascript in the page using eel module. Pretty cool stuff.


To install requirements for YouClip in Linux run these commands in the terminal:

  • sudo chmod +x
  • ./

For windows just download the relase file in the Relases and run it.
For Mac try the above commands of linux but I haven't tried nothing on Mac so idk.


Just execute the script and you will be good to go. python3 in the terminal.


  • If you installed using the installed on Relases
  • If you're using the source code execute python in CMD.

Stuff To Fix

  • [x] Get The App Basicially Working.
  • [x] Handle Most of The Errors.
  • [x] Make An Installer For Linux.
  • [x] Make an Installer For Windows.
  • [x] Comment the code (update: I did, but poorly.)
  • [x] Doesn't work on Windows; moviepy returns an error. (update: Now works; eliminated moviepy.)
  • [ ] Add A Progress Bar Of Some Form on the GUI.