Download 2ten for later read

Tải 2ten về đọc thôi nào các bạn ơiiiiiiii! (Tải từ 2tenvn nhé)


  • Usage:
    python get_that_2ten.py

  • New version is coming!!!

  • What’s new:

    • New function: Now can download a list of chapter. User provide the home link of comic/manga (which is including every chapter of it) –> Tool will scan and download every found chapter.

    alt text

    • Adding cút question ? jk lol
  • New update 28 Nov 21:

    • New function: Download every manga/stories of a specific artist. User provide link of artist (https://2ten/tacgia=ten_tacgia) –> Tool will download every manga/stories 2ten from provided artist.
  • Note:

    • If you have a shitty internet, better get a new one otherwise this tool is not going to work (WARP would help!).
    • This is only work with 2ten.moe/vn.
      alt text


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