GOG Galaxy Plugins Downloader


This program downloads GOG Galaxy 2.0 Plugins and installs them to the proper location.

You probably do not want to use this software anymore.

As of the Galaxy 2.0 Euporie update, released November 19th, 2019, the GOG Galaxy client automatically downloads and updates plugins from within the Integrations screens. You should install plugins using GOG Galaxy itself, not this software.

However, not all plugins are available from the GOG Galaxy interface. If you are interested in those other plugins, this program may be beneficial to you.

The plugins are from Mixaill's excellent Awesome GOG Galaxy repository. If you'd like to see a plugin included in this program, please request it be added to that project first.


This section is meant for Windows users only. If you are using another OS, you will need to follow the Advanced instructions below.

  • Download the latest release from the Releases page.
  • Extract the zip file anywhere on your PC.
  • Within the zip file, there is a single executable:
  • gog-plugins-downloader.exe: Downloads and installs all Friends of Galaxy plugins
  • If you want to install other plugins, you'll need to create a .bat file with the plugins you are interested in (see "Customizing the list..." section below)
  • Run the program regularly to keep your plugins up to date

Install through Scoop

Alternatively, on Windows, Scoop package manager can be used to install and update this tool:

scoop bucket add extras
scoop install gog-galaxy-plugin-downloader

Customizing the list of plugins being downloaded

If you want to download a specific set of plugins, refer to the gog-plugins.bat file that comes with the release. Open it in Notepad. Plugins are specified via a comma-separated list, using the -p flag. For example:

gog-plugins-downloader.exe -p steam,battlenet,humblebundle,ffxiv,gw2,minecraft,poe,snes,nes

For a full list of available plugin names, view the plugins.yaml file in this repository. Change the list in the .bat file to include the plugins you want to install or update. Save the .bat file. Double click on the .bat file to install or update your plugins.

Advanced Usage


Install Python 3 on your OS. Clone or download, then extract this repository into a directory of your choice.

Running the Program

Open a command line terminal and navigate to the directory where you downloaded or cloned this repository. In this example, it was extracted to a folder on the Desktop.

cd Desktop\gog-galaxy-plugin-downloader-master

Next, install python dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

To download default plugins to Galaxy's "installed" directory on Windows (%localappdata%\GOG.com\Galaxy\plugins\installed):

python download.py

List Available Plugins

python download.py -l

Custom Parameters

Custom Output Directory

You can download to a custom directory (This is required on non-Windows systems):

python download.py -d output-folder

For example, on MacOS, to install Store plugins to the default Galaxy plugins folder:

python download.py -d "${HOME}/Library/Application Support/GOG.com/Galaxy/plugins/installed/"

Custom Plugin Lists

You can use your own local plugins YAML file like this:

python download.py -c plugins.yaml

Or use your own remote plugins YAML file hosted at any URL:

python download.py -c https://www.mydomain.com/gog-plugins.yaml

Filtering Plugins

Rather than install all the plugins referenced in a yaml file, you can filter the list using the -p option:

python download.py -p battlenet,steam,rockstar,humblebundle

Building the Executable

If you want to build the Windows executable, you can run the following batch files on a Windows PC:


The .exe files will be in the dist/ subfolder.

GitHub - Slashbunny/gog-galaxy-plugin-downloader: Downloads and Updates GOG Galaxy 2.0 Plugins/Integrations
Downloads and Updates GOG Galaxy 2.0 Plugins/Integrations - GitHub - Slashbunny/gog-galaxy-plugin-downloader: Downloads and Updates GOG Galaxy 2.0 Plugins/Integrations