A Python3 file downloader.


What you do with this code / project / idea is non of my buisness or concern, and this was made for **educational** purposes only (testing software), and anything done with this code is NOT endorsed by me.

By using / utilizing PyTemp-1 you agree that you hold responsibility and accountability of any consequences caused by your actions.


The “” will create a file in /Temp (Something like this, “oaisduaiosdjw”) and download the pre inserted download link into that file, execute it, and vwala, you got your beefy file running, but only from a much smaller file!

A probably better alternative, to this beefy ass python version, is something akin to:

Since they both create MUCH smaller files then this one on compile.

To build

pyinstaller --onefile -n PyTemp-1 | Auto-py-to-exe |


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