Dump Data from FTDI Serial Port to Binary File on MacOS

This is a simple tool to capture the data from FTDI devices to a binary file.

Why Another tool

In Mac OSX, FTDI device could only work up to 4M baud rate, it is not possible to run 6M baud rate which I need.


FTDI D2XX Driver

This is the driver to replace the standard VCP (Virtual Com Port Driver).

Following the video to install the driver on Mac


Find the driver:


On following page:



Refer to the following document to install pyftdi:


How to use

ftdi_dump(master ✗) python3 dump.py -h
usage: dump.py [-h] [-b BAUDRATE] [-f FILE] [device]

positional arguments:
  device                serial port device name (default: ftdi:///3)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b BAUDRATE, --baudrate BAUDRATE
                        serial port baudrate (default: 6000000)
  -f FILE, --file FILE  save dump to a file


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